Green Roof

green roof

Green roofs have numerous benefits to our environment. We provide installation for all types of green roof systems. We also offer extensive maintenance packages and warranties.


Because the little people are as important as the big people, we are certified playground installers.

Custom woodwork

We complete creative woodwork solutions on planters, stairs, porches, trellis', privacy screens, playgrounds, decking, fencing, benches, gazebos, pergolas and small sheds


We partner with you on custom fencing projects, ensuring specifications, details and craftmanship is the focus!

Site furnishings

We like the outdoors as much as your customers do, so we put our caring into providing solutions in the comforts of being outdoors . We help source and install a wide range of products from seating, benches,bike racks, bollards, waste receptacles playgrounds, fire tables/pits and outdoor kitchens.

Water features

Yes - we install water features !Our projects include large water features , rain gardens and stormwater management systems.

Concrete Work

Our experience includes forming, placing and finishing, concrete walkways and curbs.

Lawn Turf

More than 20 years experience learning the BC environment and understanding what makes a proper foundation, our work from hand seed to hydroseed, from sod to reinforced grass paving , ensurses a beautiful and healthy lawn.

Retaining walls

Our projects range from small garden walls to magnificent engineered walls, using a range of products including timber, boulders, concrete of all heights and shapes. We get excited by the creativity you imagine [ you say you want a planter wall - absolutely!], while ensuring we install to manufacturer specifications as required.